VPVS exclusive Images / Pictures nd First look

2 Sep

Below is the first look and exclusive pictures of sivakarthikeyan from the movie Varutha padada Valibar sangam : scroll down for images from the movie !!

The movie is said to be a “LAUGH RIOT” . Well the title will suit the film very aptly because two stand up comedians of two different generations come together for a movie 🙂

The movie will feature veteran actor Sathyaraj and our Ilam Sooravali Sivakarthikeyan also starring Sri Divya in the movie. The film is a full-fledged entertainer produced by escape artist motion directed by Ponram,a former associate of Director Rajesh and music by Imman.

It is scheduled for a july release and the icing on the cakes ( actually two icings 😛 ) is that the dialogues will be penned by Director Rajesh and our own Sivakarthikeyan will also sing a folk song in the movie !! :))) well kudos to him :)) Thus a new avatar as a singer is en route :))

SCROLL DOWN for VPVS exclusive pictures :

The movie which is a full and full comedy throttle is set in the backdrop of  “Theni”. This movie will be sivakarthikeyan’s fifth movie as a HERO 😀

So, Here is our hero’s poster picture for VPVS !! The movie releases in july :))) It is expected to be an out and out comedy entertainer :)))

Well..we got a super talented  it is time to introduce our beautiful heroine “Sri Divya” She is basically a Telugu star and this movie will be a very big break for her in Tamil cinema :)))

Now it is time to intriduce our mighty villain :)) Veteran actor “Sathyaraj ” sir :)) Well we have both sathyaraj sir and siva in the movie in lead wonder it is a tight packed comedy entertainer :)))

Look at them all ready to fight against each other..we wonder what they are fighting for dis time in dis let’s wait for the release :)))

Well not just Sri Divya another gorgeous and beautiful heroine “Bindu Madhavi” from Andhra who is our favorite after kedi billa killadi ranga makes a special appearance in the movie :))) ❤


The hero and the heroine at the Varutha Padada Valibar Sangam Press Meet looking stunning and confident :)))

Bindu Madhavi’s special appearance in the movie..we wonder what important role she plays in this movie :)))

Well we all know sivakarthikeyan is super talented !! He practically is the other name for wholesome laughter and seems like VPVS has got many of it :)))


Actor Sivakarthikeyan, Sathyaraj and rest of teh crew in one of the scenes. “Comedy Galatta ” 😛

Sivakarthikeyan with comedian SOORI @Soori and the rest of the crew in VPVS !! #waitingforit The movie is scheduled for a july release and see him in his new look which he continues to have since Ethirneechal :)))

Two comedy superstars of two generations sitting together at the same shooting spot :)) #behind #thescenes :)))

Seems like there is very tough competition for #siva on the sets and in the movie :))
Unga character-a inuum purinjukka mudiyalaye sir :)))

Siva once again in a village role experimenting with the hot weather and tackling those bulls  :)))

Once again for the fans…Siva and Soori combination 😀 ( Double ‘S’ 😛 )
He needn’t even start talking..his attitude and this bright red attire itself will make us laugh like anything :)))

Comedy and action GALATTA on the sets ..Omg ..i just cant wait for the movie :)))

Another Hero of the movie :))) neenga eppavume MASS sir :)))

Hero trying to capture our heroine’s heart with romantic songs and his style :)))
Music Director of this movie is D.Imaan . Another sweeet news is that Sivakarthikeyan himself will be singing one of the ‘folk’ songs in this movie. #superduperawesome :)))

Here is another beautiful picture of our Heroine Sri Divya from the movie VPVS :)))



As usual always smart, young, charming , energetic and enjoyable :))) well not to mention funny and hilarious :)))

Hot and sexyy :))) awww… they both just rock !!

Flirtatious Sivakarthikeyan :)))

Better looking..cute and Handsome siva !! #striking #looks !! #mass #hero :)))

Super cute and lovely Sivakarthikeyan and Sri Divya !! She looks stunning in this pink will definitely be a super hit :)))



The movie is produced by Escape Artist Motion Pictures Productions and is directed by Director Ponram who is a former associate of Director Rajesh .

The dialogues for this movie has been penned by none other than the infamous Director Rajesh of ‘Boss enkira Baskaran’ fame.



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