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One lakh twitter followers

2 Sep

Recently Actor sivakarthikeyan had one lakh followers on twitter for his official twitter account @siva_kartikeyan !!

I would first like to whole-heartedly congratulate sivakarthikeyan for this victory :)) Because not all celebrities in twitter achieve this status ..only very few kollyood celeebrities have a lakh followers :))


It was not an overnight victory or followers didn’t rise exponentially after the success of ethirneechal !! All this was possible solely due to his hard work and dedication :))

Some of his followers are his die-hard fans from his early times where he was a VJ for vijay TV.
Well it wouldn’t be a surprise if i say most of his followers are girls 😛 :)))
Day by day sivakarthikeyan’s popularity is increasing among tamil cinema fans and his increased followers count in twitter is the result of his popularity :))
His fans mainly like him for his down-to-earth attitude and his humble nature because even though he has got so many hits and is so popular he doesn’t show off much !! Even in his description box in twitter he questions us whether we like him as our favorite actor and doesn’t claim to be a silver star in spite so many continuous successful movies as a lead hero. he is one of the really very few actors in tamil cinema who sits and reads all his mentions to him and even replies to most of them ❤ :))

So,if you are a sivakarthikeyan fan or if you want to contact him..you know where to reach him :))

He doesn’t tweet incessantly nd flood our timeline but takes time to read all the mentions and comments about him and replies to some of the most intriguing questions his fans have for him !!

The main reason for this popularity is that he is on a cloud nine in recent times.Like a midas touch, anything he ventures into becomes a stupendous success for him :)) Movies like Marina, Manam kothi paravai, went for a 100 day screening in tamilnadu theaters. Kedi billa killadi ranga successfully ran for 75 days :)) Rest is history !! #Ethirneechal was a complete surprise at the box office and was a blockbuster 😀 It was one of the very few films which had crossed 100 days of screening in 2013 :))))

Not only that his next movie Varutha padada valibar sangam is very eagerly expected byhis fans and he has signed for some amazing projcts in the future which include big names like Hansika Motwani, Director AR Muragadoss and Music Director Anirudh Ravichander .Siva signs four new amazing projects !!

In the recent past, his popularity on the web has only been in a rise and is increasing day by day exponentially. Many fan pages and groups are emerging for him day by day in Twitter and Facebook.So, if we have missed anything about him..we are sure to catch it up on the web on twitter or facebook :))

His mother and family would definitely be overwhelmed by his success :))))